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Neck and Back Rehab

At Sierra Sports & Spine, spines are our specialty and Mary Sutton is the expert! We don’t just offer you hope, we offer healing. Imagine a life without suffering, a life without pain! Through our commitment and one-on-one therapy options, we are here to help you get your back to life!

If you are suffering from any type of back or neck pain, either from a specific injury, post surgical or for no apparent reason, we can help you get better and stay better! Pain, whether fairly constant or cycling, chronic pain, can affect our life dramatically from our ability to engage in social events, recreational activities and/or work tasks. It can even take it’s toll on our personal relationships. Lets face it, pain makes us crabby and is really a drag.

The goal of our spine rehabilitation program is for you to have a speedy recovery from pain that has a long lasting result. Below are the many treatment options that maybe part of your spine rehab program, depending on your needs evaluation results and physician orders.

Treatment Options for Spine Rehab

Manual Therapy: Often there are movement dysfunctions in the spine, pelvic girdle and sacroiliac joint. Performing selected manual therapy techniques which address movement restrictions allows for normal biomechanics to occur and alleviates pain.

Spinal Stabilization Program: Many of you will be referred to therapy for Spinal Stabilization. This program encompasses many of the treatment options listed here. It is a comprehensive program involving postural awareness, movement re-education and therapeutic exercises resulting in a healthy, happy spine!

Soft Tissue Massage: Muscles become tight and changes occur in the soft tissue due to inflammation and injury. Massage helps normalize tissue, encourages normal mobility and decreases pain. And it feels soooo…good too!

Aqua Therapy: We have a warm therapeutic pool that we use as a healing modality for our spine patients. It is also a soothing environment to do stretches and exercises without pain. By reducing the affects of body weight and gravity on the spine in the water, there is a decrease in disc pressure which in turn alleviates irritation on inflamed tissue, nerves and joints. This allows healing of these various structures to occur.

Functional Re-education: Learn how to perform activities that you do at home and/or at work in a way that will promote spinal healing; from brushing your teeth, to sitting at your computer, to weeding your garden or shoveling snow. To heal and feel better soon involves taking stress off your spine during normal, daily activities. Learn how to assist in your healing process when you are away from therapy.

Therapeutic Exercises: Stretching, strengthening, functional and cardiovascular fitness exercises are all part of our program. There are ways to exercise without placing additional stress on your neck and back. We want you to be flexible and strong while promoting the healing of inflamed, painful tissues. Learn healthy, effective ways to exercise without stressing your spine.

Education: We want you to understand spine biomechanics and how the spine reacts to postural stress and repetitive movement so you can take better care of yourself. Learn what you can do to reduce stress, strain and cumulative trauma on the spine at home and work.

Cold Laser, Chi Machine, and Biofeedback: Spine patients benefit from all of these healing modalities. See menu for more specific information.





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