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Physical Therapy


Tired of that nagging little back or neck pain? Or perhaps your shoulder is a little irritated? It may be how your work space is set up, or isn’t! Let us fit your work space to meet your body’s optimum postural needs and to alleviate soft tissue stress. We can help rearrange an existing work area or design a new customized office space. Or we can assist you in selecting new office chairs and furniture all for your body’s optimal alignment.

Employer Injury Prevention Programs:

Pre-Placement Screening: Hiring physically capable employees can reduce risk of injury and save workman’s compensation fees.

Work Site Evaluation: Do you have a work area or job position that seems to have a high incidence of injuries? Consultation, evaluation and recommendations are available in regards to workstation design, layout, job tasks, tools, equipment and the work environment. All of these factors impact safety, productivity and quality in the workplace.

Training Programs: Let us train your employees so that they develop the skills necessary to facilitate safe work habits and are able to set up their work area for optimum performance.





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