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Physical Therapy

Chronic Pain

Having to deal with constant pain over any length of time is draining and debilitating, both physically and emotionally. Chronic pain takes many forms and is different for each individual. It often leads to depression and a decrease in energy and activity level. This in turn can result in a change in your general physical condition and a change in your ability and desire to participate in home and outdoor activities.

Here at Sierra Sports we have many treatment options and a compassionate staff that will help you on your journey to healing and health. We will design a program that works just for you and addresses your specific needs. Let us help you to feel better on all levels so that you can enjoy your life to its fullest.

Healing Options for Chronic Pain:

Soft Tissue Massage: normalizes tissue and feels so good!

Cold Laser Therapy: Successful for eliminating inflammation and chronic from all areas of the body.

So-Sound Table: Breaks the emotional stress cycle and gets your body into a healing mode by balancing cell energy. A relaxing, feel good therapy modality that gets results.

Pool Therapy: Just being in our warm 95 degree pool spells RELIEF! You can do a variety of mobility, stretching and strengthening exercises while eliminating stress off of painful joints and tissues. Or, you can just hang out and let the warm water de-stress and heal you, both mentally and physically. To the right is a picture of someone sitting in the pool with the water flowing around her.

Postural Exercises / Functional Re-training: Learn simple exercises and tips to take stress off of painful tissues during daily home activities.

Mobility Exercises / Body Recall: Learn easy, non-painful, and enjoyable movement therapy exercises to lubricate the joints, to improve circulation and strength, to keep you moving and give you energy!

Biofeedback: Our biofeedback can help you heal and reduce pain. It not only promotes physical health, it can help balance your emotions which are so affected with chronic pain issues.

CranioSacral Therapy: A gentle, yet profound hands on treatment used to help alleviate pain by addressing restrictions and imbalances within the central nervous system. (Infants to adults.)

SomatoEmotional Release Therapy: Reconnect with yourself by processing emotional or physical trauma from the central nervous system. A gentle hands-on therapy that is meditative and relaxing.

Yoga as Therapy: Using the universal principals of alignment through Anusara Yoga techniques will start your body moving in normal movement patterns and eliminate stress off of painful tissues. Yoga also addresses mental and emotional well-being which affects physical health.

Chi Machine: Reduces back pain and increases body energy and oxygen flow.




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