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We have a warm pool which is 10 feet wide by 20 feet long. It has a shallow 4 foot area for mobility, stretching and strengthening exercises as well as a deep water well for non-weight bearing exercises and spinal traction. The temperature is maintained at 95 degrees.

Our pool is beneficial for people with a variety of diagnoses from all orthopedic related problems such as post operative knees, shoulders hips and ankles to neurological patients who maybe recovering from a stroke or head trauma. Back patients particularly love the pool and often experience a decrease in syptoms from day one.

The pool is a very healing environment with many benefits:

Improves Joint Motion: Alleviates pressure off of painful joints while allowing the body to move with less effort. Helps to restore joint range of motion and overall mobility.

Improves Strength: Resistance of the water improves muscle strength while decreasing weight bearing stress from healing bones or soft tissue. Spine patients can begin strengthening exercise earlier in the pool than on land without aggravating symptoms.

Heals Disc, Nerves and Spines: Disc pressure is less in the pool than on land, even when lying down! This allows irritated nerves, inflamed tissues and injured discs to heal. Floating in the water while suspended with water supports feels great! Not only is the pool an incredible healing modality but it is a great environment to do stretching and functional exercises.

Restores Balance and Mobility: Provides a safe environment for patients to work on balance reactions, agility and/or the ability to walk.





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