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Inside Health: Energize Your Natural Life Force!

Decrease Toxic Exposures

Eliminating the number of toxins that we ingest, breathe, put on our skin or come in contact with will help to facilitate Inside Health. Here are a few things that we sell that can help improve your health from the inside out.

Electric Magnetic Frequency "Dirty Electricity" Blockers

Wherever electricity flows, electric and magnetic fields (EMF’) are created. The radiation from these invisible fields are being linked to health problems including sleep disorders, mood changes, stress syndromes, susceptibility to infections, allergies, brain tumors and particularly cancer and leukemia.

We have an electromagnetic frequency meter that is available to you so that you can read EMF levels that are emitted in your house. You can then decrease destructive electromagnetic fields in your house by purchasing EMF Blockers.

Shower and Bath Filters

Reduce toxic chlorine that you breathe in while showering and chlorine that you absorb into your skin with a shower or bath filter.

Ionized Drinking Water Systems

The water system we sell not only removes all viruses, bacteria chlorine and contaminants, it alkalizes the water. This makes for superior hydration, improves your pH balance and assists in detoxifying your body. Click here for more information about Ionized Water Systems

Organic Skin Care Products

We carry ee’meesh, a line of amazing, skin care products that are 100% certified organic/pesticide free. Nor do they contain any preservatives! I guarantee that you will love what they do for your skin. www.eemeesh.com

Organic Teas

We carry a variety of yummy, organic teas that are made right here in Truckee, California! Explore different flavors by purchasing the variety pack. www.TruckeeTeaCompany.com

Cleansing and Detoxification Products

A full line of products that fuels health transformation. Click here for more information.

Yoga Balm

An organic, preservative free warming balm which has many purposes and many benefits. Soothing warmth is combined with an array of pharmaceutical grade, certified organic oils to open, infuse and promote core levels of healing throughout the system.


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