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Inside Health: Energize Your Natural Life Force!

Rebuild and Alkalize

Up your pH!

For an effective and long term health transformation, you not only have to rid your body of toxins, which are acidic in nature, you have to put the right stuff in! Alkalizing, healthy food and beverages will up your pH which will assist in the ongoing detoxification of your body, improve your health, decrease body fat and give you energy!

Researchers now believe that disease is caused by excess acidity in our body that weakens all body systems. In today’s world, most people are too acidic which erodes away at our health and accelerates the aging process. We need to decrease acidity and increase alkalinity so there is an optimum pH balance in our tissues that promotes a healthy body. Your pH is affected by what you eat, what you drink and what you think!

What you think, your thoughts and emotions, can play a major role in determining your body’s pH and directly affects your physical health! Even if you detoxify, maintain an alkaline diet and eliminate toxic exposures your body can be acidic and become ill due to what you are thinking. Thoughts and emotions can’t be ignored. See energy balancing for more information on this.


Want to improve your health and/or lose weight but don’t know where to start?

Our Nutrition Consultants can help you get a plan of action that works for your lifestyle, your goals and for your specific body needs. We provide healthy, whole food diet strategies and plans, health tips and educational information, yummy healthy recipes, detoxification methods, exercise regimes, herbal supplements and healthy, revitalizing treats to name a few.

Our Nutrition Consultants can use our quantum biofeedback machine to help identify areas of stress and body imbalances. They can then develop a program and give you recommendations in how you can start to create balance and assist in your overall health. Click here for more information on Biofeedback.

When appropriate and if you desire, our nutritionist may consult and collaborate with our Master Herbalist.

Master Herbalist

Have a consult with our Master Herbalist for a personal rebuilding and balancing program. She can help you to restore harmony by developing an integrated herbal program for your specific needs, from skin problems and hormonal imbalances to nutritional needs. The result will be a healthier and happier you! Click here for more information on Herbal Medicine.

Alkaline Ionized Water Systems

Drink alkaline water and up your pH and your health! We sell Jupiter Science Water Ionizers. These water systems provide an easy, effective way to help your body become more alkaline and healthier by restoring your body’s natural pH levels.

Benefits of cutting-edge water ionization technology:

Increases Alkalinity/Proper pH balance. Water from the ionizer is 1000 times more alkaline than tap or bottled water. Disease cannot thrive in an alkaline environment.

Eliminates Toxic Wastes/ Helps decrease body fat. Flushes acidic toxins from the cells body which improves transport of critical nutrients to the cell. Cells become healthier. Your body fat stores acidic waste so as you eliminate toxins body fat decreases.

Super Hydrates. Reduces the size of water molecule clusters allowing water to penetrate cells easier. Ionized water is up to 6 times more hydrating than other water. Toxins and cell waste products are eliminated more proficiently improving the cell environment and metabolism.

Oxygenation. Ionized water delivers twice as much oxygen to your cells as tap or bottled water. Cells deficient in oxygen become unhealthy and sick.

Antioxidant. Negative water ions seek out, cling to and neutralize free radicals which cause tissue damage and progressive aging.

Filters/Mineralizes. Cleans and filters out bacteria, viruses and chemicals from the water but not important minerals such calcium, potassium and magnesium that your body needs. These minerals are usually filtered out by most water systems.


Green Drinks/ Super Foods and Nutrients


We sell various Health Force products which are organic, 100% whole food, super nutrients to help you on your journey to astonishing health. They help to rebuild and balance as well as to detoxify. Being that these products are not supplements, but are actually food, means they are bioavailable to your body; you will actually absorb the nutrition, unlike traditional vitamins that your body mostly eliminates.

Alkalizing Green Drinks:

Alkalizing green drink products containing food plants provide deep cellular nutrition, up your pH and promote detoxification. They are loaded with enzymes, probiotics and alkaline herbs to support digestion.

• Vitamineral Green:

Deeply cleansing, alkalizing, healing, nutritive and energizing!

• Greener Grasses:

Alkalizing, mineral dense grasses and pure juice that actually tastes good! Excellent source of fiber and nutrients to support a healthy bowel.

SuperFoods and Nutrients:
Our various Superfoods provide a huge source of nutrition including amino acids, vitamins, minerals, cell salts, phytonutrients and enzymes. Superfoods support blood sugar, detoxification, immune system, colon, liver, kidney, blood bones and longevity.

• Warrior Food:

The ultimate vegan protein powder! Sprouted, raw, non-GMO, organic brown rice & hemp protein with nopal cactus and organic stevia! Vanilla and plain.

• MacaForce:

Raw, organic maca powder. An ancient healing food providing energy, strength, healing, supports hormones and endocrine system. Tastes great! Vanilla or dark chocolate mint.

• Spirulina Manna:

Spirulina is the highest complete protein source at 65%, with meat being 27% and soybeans at 34%. Contains all 8 essential amino acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12 and K, minerals and cell salts.

• Earth:

Grounding superfood with the best sources of essential fatty acids, cleansing and highly nutritive roots, barks and colon detoxifying and supportive foods.

• Fruits of the Earth:

High anti-oxidant, potent combination of nature’s most nutritive fruits. 80% fruit, 20% alkaline.

• Raw Cacao Powder

, guilt free raw cacao super foods! Loaded with nutrients and neuro-peptides.

For more information on the above products go to www.healthforce.com.



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