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Bio-Energetic Therapy

E = mc2

Bio-Energetic Therapy is based on science, the quantum theory, on E= mc2, on math. Here is just a little information that my help you understand better this amazing field of energy medicine.

The Illusion of Matter

Everything is made up of atoms.

Physicists have discovered that the quantum atom is made out of invisible, pure energy, not tangible matter.

Atoms are like little tornadoes of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating and therefore generate a frequency.

All matter is made up of atoms, of pure energy.

All matter, each thing, generates and radiates its own unique frequency due to the vibrations of its atoms.

Everything, including you, radiates its own unique energy signature.

Every cell emits a frequency. A healthy cell has a different frequency than a sick cell.

The faster atoms vibrate, the higher the frequency emitted and the less solid the object.

Sound has a much higher vibration, a higher frequency, than your solid body.

You can hear sound but cannot see it, due to its high frequency of vibration.

Your thoughts are energy. Different thoughts emit a different frequency. The thought and emotion of love is a different energy frequency than the emotion of anger.

The physical body (matter) and the mind (energy) are entangled and have a complex intercommunication system that affects and makes up the whole.

Your thoughts, your emotions, have a direct affect on the body’s cell frequency and can affect your physical health in a positive or in a destructive way….depending on the thought.


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