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Bio-Energetic Therapy

So Sound Therapy:

Healing, Relaxing and Feels Great!

Tune into Sound health! Chronic stress disrupts the body’s natural balance and our health & well being is compromised creating tension, chronic fatigue, pain and disease.

Come lie on our So Sound Pad and experience a musical massage which will shift you into a deeply relaxed state and begin the healing process. You will not only hear the music, you will feel the music as the surface of the therapy pad transforms the sound into a variety of incredible vibrations! These tactile vibrations immerse the body/mind with a full range of harmonic frequencies of healing music. And it feels absolutely awesome!

Benefits of our So Sound Therapy are:

Balances your body’s energy: Illness, pain, disease and emotional trauma creates distorted and unbalanced energy vibrations and frequencies in our bodies. Healing, musical frequencies come up into the body from the sound pad. This begins to reduce energy stress and normalize body frequencies which promotes healing and health.

Shifts brain waves from a stressed to a meditative state in 10 minutes: This change in brain waves is backed by research which was done specifically on our So Sound therapy pad. When you are in a stressed mode, which most of us are continually in and which actually feels normal due to our lifestyle and society, body chemistry is affected and our bodies get sick. When brain waves are in a meditative state the stress cycle is broken and you can how get into a healing & growth mode. How many people ever get to a meditative state?

Increases cell metabolism and nutrition. Did you know that it's a proven fact... an increase in cell energy promotes healthy tissue and healing?

Certain musical tones repair DNA: The ancient sofeggio tones were rediscovered in 1995 and were found to have an amazing healing effect on the body. The solfeggio “MI” musical note of 528 Hz has been shown, by scientific research, to repair DNA! We have two CDs that have incorporated the solfeggio tones into the music. We use these CDs with our sound table, but you may select other music or bring your own CDs if you desire.


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